En directo Reunión de Premios Nobel de Química

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Por segundo año consecutivo Indagando Televisión retransmite desde Lindau, Alemania, la reunión de premios Nobel dedicada este año a la Quimica

Comenzaremos el martes 2 de Julio a las 9h con la conferencia “Desarrollo de nuevos medicamentos en el siglo 21, vamos a curar todas las enfermedades?” del premio Nobel Aaron Ciechanover.

Programa completo de la retransmisión:



Aaron Ciechanover

Drug Development in the 21 Century –Are We Going to Cure All Diseases?

9.30 Erwin Neher

Chemistry Helps Biology: Fluorescent Labels and Caged Compounds

10.00: Jean-Marie Lehn .Perspectives in Chemistry – Towards Adaptive Chemistry

10.30 pausa 

11.00 . Ada E. Yonath. Curiosity and its Fruits:

From Basic Science to Advanced Medicine

11.30. Rudolph A. Marcus. Single Molecule Studies of Initial Steps in Dye Sensitized

Solar Cells and of Quantum Dots – Examples of Electron

Transfer and Relation to Ensemble Studies

12.00. Richard R. Schrock

Advances in Olefin Metathesis Employing Molybdenum  and Tungsten Catalysts

12.30 Green Chemistry and Catalysis

Miércoles 3 de Julio

Martin Chalfie

Tickling Worms: Surprises From Basic Research

9.30. Steven Chu.  The Energy and Climate Change Challenges

and Opportunities

10.00- Peter Agre. Aquaporin Water Channels:

From Atomic Structure to Malaria

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00. Dan Shechtman. Quasi-Periodic Materials – Crystal Redefined

11.30. Paul J. Crutzen. Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate

in the ‘Anthropocene’

12.00.Kurt Wüthrich. Conformational Plasticity of G-protein-coupled

Receptors (GPCRs) Studied by NMR in Solutions

12.30. Richard R. Ernst

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